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roxmellisa TUTOR
roxmellisa Jul 14 '23
Artificial intelligence is poised to dominate the technology, business, and education industries, causing major disruption. We are seeing AI transform not only how we think, but also the systems and structures we operate on every single day, from unfair student advantages to fully-automated tutoring sessions. Students can also help with CIPD Assignments from AI.

In what ways will this shift result in benefits and drawbacks? Is there an ethical challenge introduced as a result? A sea change is afoot, but should we be concerned? The integration of AI into our educational system is often seen as a negative development, but I believe it will bring many benefits.
It's clear that a tsunami-like impact is on the way. To reap the benefits AI will provide over the next decade, students, teachers, and archaic educational institutions will have to adapt.

willy TUTOR
willy May 28
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