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Jessy Feb 27
hello everyone!

Just wondering what is everyone's' experience on this platform?  I am new, do you tutor on this platform and does teachers share lessons?  Love to learn more.  thanks for responding. 

Katharine Stinton
Hey Jessy! I tutor math, I use this platform to meet more students who may be interested in tutoring. I tutor through zoom :)
Arianna Mar 9
Hi sorry out of curiosity, how do we connect with students and parents?
Admin Mar 9
Hi Arianna, you can message parents on this site or send a connection request. The parents or students will generally reach out to tutors they are interested in with either a message or connection request. We also get many visitors to the site who look through the tutor profiles daily. Keep active on the platform with posts highlighting your capabilities, participate in forums and groups to build credibility and gain the attention of parents and students.
Ian Dancan
Ian Dancan Mar 30
I'm a highly experienced Mathematics teacher holding a degree certificate in pure Mathematics.

I can also teach Sciences,  I deliver a top notch quality content to my students. I'm currently looking for new students to tutor. Reach me out on iandancan317@gmail.com.

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