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Greetings, my name is Thomas Rompf from Cali, Colombia.

With over 40 years of experience in education, I've developed a true passion for cultivating students' reading, writing, and analytical thinking abilities. I am retired now, but my appetite for teaching is forever, and I am ready to help.

My teaching philosophy centers on creating an engaging, interactive classroom environment. I believe the best learning happens through vibrant discussions, close examination of texts, and extensive personalized feedback.
As an AP Literature instructor, I've guided students in deeply analyzing literary classics and crafting university-level analytical essays.

What truly sets me apart is my 20+ years as an elite AP Reader for College Board. Having meticulously evaluated over 22,000 student essays for the AP Literature exam, I possess an unparalleled understanding of the skills required for exemplary literary analysis and success in university.

In the classroom, I create an atmosphere promoting critical thinking and lively academic discourse. Through close reading exercises and collaborative projects, I help students elevate their argumentation, writing abilities, and appreciation for great works of literature.

Additionally, I will provide guidance on leveraging AI as a digital writing tool, empowering you to enhance your skills and develop independence.

I love witnessing students have "aha" moments when a complex text suddenly clicks. It's incredibly rewarding to see your confidence grow as we explore literature's deeper meanings and craft focused, well-defended arguments.

My technological capabilities allow seamless delivery of virtual instruction when needed. You can count on receiving rapid feedback on assignments to accelerate your learning.

If you're seeking a truly passionate, highly accomplished literature instructor, I welcome the opportunity to share that with you.

If you are an upper-secondary student eager to excel academically, I invite you to take this transformative step. I seek students who are receptive, motivated, and ready to engage in the pursuit of academic excellence. Are you prepared to embark on this enriching journey?


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