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Admin Feb 15
Please post any suggestions you have for Tutorshares
Admin Feb 17
We are working hard to improve the site.

Please make suggestions and let us know of any issues.

Admin Mar 17
Thank you to all our members for being part of the launch of Tutorshares!
Lynder Tutors
Lynder Tutors Mar 29
1.For starters I love the app and i feel like its next big thing but the app interface is not really user friendly. I had an account in this app sometime ago and I never really understood how it worked and right now am back but I still cant cant quite grasp the basics.

2.You could also develop an interface that enables the users to interact freely

3.Probably have one main home page where tutors could post their their gig? and another page where students will post their issues?

4.Probably add color to the site? like dark mode, red, cartoons, pictures... make the site lively through background art?

Maybe create a section where tutors can post their samples like notes.. not videos only?

5.Or you could add section where different tutors are grouped based on what they offer. Like, a Russian tutors menu, English tutors menu and how many there are....

6.And finally, when one signs up I think a step by step procedure of how the app works would be great :) Like how you sign up on Facebook and they like take you on a small tour round the app?

7.Would a FAQS section also be added? like a place where questions frequently asked are posted and answers provided:)

8. In the main home page I recommended, you could add some success stories from both the tutors and the students.. this would make the app very convincing:)

I have many more but my laptop battery is dying I will be back shortly. I love the app though. it has some uniqueness to it.

The Forum post is edited by Lynder Tutors Mar 29
Admin Mar 29
Thank you for all your suggestions we have been working on some of them and hope to release an update soon. 

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