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Mark Apr 30
The aril, or the nutmeg spice reddish-brown outer coating, is used to make Mace Powder, a spice. Mace spice is said to have a somewhat more subtle and nuanced taste than nutmeg, although having a comparable flavor. The taste of ground mace is warm, sweet, and somewhat nutty. It also smells faintly of flowers and has pepper undertones. Mace's flavor has also been described by others as being somewhat warm, fragrant, and leaving a little bitter aftertaste. Ground mace adds a little of fragrance to your food. This nutty, sweet spice gives savory and baked dishes richness. From savory sauces, marinades, and stews to sweet baked goods like cookies and cakes, ground mace may give depth and complexity to a broad variety of meals. Mace's taste complements a wide range of foods, such as dairy products, meats, and vegetables.